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Tales From Around the Water Cooler

May 22, 2017

Kristen Prinz interviews Amit Bindra and explores the toxicity an employer may influence within their own company. Are you poisoning your own talent pool?

May 15, 2017

Kristen Prinz interviews Debbie Bridges entrepreneur, business relationship consultant, founder and independent owner of Bridges Court Reporting. This week’s subject will touch on toxic employees and how the poison spreads throughout the entire company.


Confidence and communication in the workplace....

May 8, 2017

Exit Interviews –  This is the great way to get harsh feedback from your employees as they exit the company.  This episode is an actual exit interview between Kristen Prinz and Olga Perez, Office Manager for The Prinz Law Firm.

In this episode of “Tales from Around the Water Cooler“:

  1. Employee & Employer Break...