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Making Work Better: Employment Law & Workplace Challenges

Jan 22, 2019

In this episode, Kristen Prinz welcomes Megan Roudebush, Founder of keepwith, a firm that teaches people networking skills. Megan shares her journey of building her own business while keeping her important and demanding day job. Networking has been a prominent tool in Megan’s career path, and led her to build a business around what she does best. But how does she do it? Megan says, “Time management is critical,” in both her career and personal life. If you are thinking of building a side business while keeping your day job, or are interested in honing your networking and time management skills, this is the episode for you.


Some of Megan Roudebush’s tips


On time management:


  • Weekly date night scheduled
  • Outsource some chores
  • Using apps as time management/task management tool
  • One on one with yourself
  • You can just say no!




  • Be purposeful and careful about whom you let into your network
  • Have a close group of key advisors in your network
  • Ask both people’s permission before initiating a networking introduction
  • Spend time on networking activities at least once a week

 Get Connected


Megan Roudebush:  






Megan Burke Roudebush is Chief Compliance Officer of Crescent Grove Advisors, a registered investment advisor. With over 14 years of financial services experience, Megan oversees the firm’s compliance program. Throughout her career, Megan has handled Anti-Money Laundering compliance matters at BMO Financial Group, advised global financial institutions on regulatory and compliance matters while at Deloitte, and worked in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Compliance, Inspections and Examinations.


Megan received her BA degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Bryn Mawr College and her JD/MBA from Albany Law School and Union Graduate College. She is a member of the Executives’ Club of Chicago, previously served on the Guild Board at the Lyric Opera, and sits on the Board of the Bryn Mawr College Chicago Club. She is also a member of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative and the National Society of Compliance Professionals.


Megan values authentic relationship-building above all else. She is the founder of keepwith, a firm that teaches people how to network. She understands the importance of deliberately choosing one’s key advisors and building and maintaining strong and genuine, reciprocal networking relationships. Not only has Megan spoken to an array of audiences about networking topics (including Albany Law School, the Executives’ Club of Chicago, the Ethics & Compliance Initiative and the Guild Board of the Lyric Opera), she has also written several articles on networking and finds great joy in helping people to connect for the right reasons.


A few little known facts about Megan: she has taught poetry writing classes in juvenile detention centers, interviewed many notable individuals as a reporter and editor of the Children’s Express News Service while growing up (including Janet Reno, Amy Tan and Bella Abzug), produced a multi-media documentary about the impact of cleft lip and palate surgery on patients in China for Operation Smile while in college, and in law school coached an ice hockey team comprised of young people with special needs.  Her recent successes include co-chairing the Lyric Opera’s inaugural Family Day event in April 2018.


Megan enjoys volunteering, mentoring and, most of all, networking. She is married, has a three-year-old daughter and prioritizes exercise and wellness. She is originally from New York City.