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Tales From Around the Water Cooler

Aug 31, 2021

In this episode, Kristen chats with two of The Prinz Law Firm’s Associate Attorneys, Poonam Lakhani and Elizabeth Hanford. They discuss a recent policy implemented by the tech company Basecamp that banned employees from discussing political and social issues in the workplace. Our attorneys explore the legality of regulating conversations at work and the slippery slope that can occur when employers decide to do so. They also touch on the unique backlash such policies can incite, as well as their interplay with First Amendment rights. Kristen, Poonam, and Elizabeth position Basecamp’s policy change as an example of a much larger discussion about socio-political conversations in the workplace and how they relate to fostering an environment of true diversity and inclusion. This episode is a must-listen for any employer or employee looking to know their rights regarding sensitive workplace conversations.

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For more information on Basecamp’s policy and what it means for employers, click here.

Kristen Prinz

Poonam Lakhani

Elizabeth Hanford